Chairmen's Message

Thank you for visiting the official website of the House Childhood Cancer Caucus.

We founded the bipartisan Childhood Cancer Caucus in 2007 to serve as a public policy clearinghouse for information on pediatric cancer and to be a forum for Members of Congress to work together to address this critical issue. Our Caucus strives to raise awareness about pediatric cancer, advocate in support of measures to prevent the pain, suffering and long-term effects of childhood cancers, and work toward the goal of eliminating cancer as a threat to all children.

Despite major advancements in recent years, much work remains to find treatments and cures for children’s cancer. Cancer is still the number one disease killer of American children and two-thirds of patients have debilitating and sometimes life-threatening side effects as a result of their disease and treatments.

Whether you are a patient, a survivor, a member of the health care community, or just interested in the issue, we hope that this website will be a useful tool for providing information about childhood cancer and what our caucus is doing to address this issue in the United States Congress.

On this website you will find a list of caucus members, legislation related to childhood cancer, facts and statistics about pediatric cancer, links to childhood cancer groups, and other resources, such as our childhood cancner events calendar. 

Thank you for visiting our website, and for joining us in the fight against childhood cancer.


Michael T. McCaul                            Chris Van Hollen
Co-Chair                                           Co-Chair
Childhood Cancer Caucus                Childhood Cancer Caucus